Wednesday Tips

For Side Kick Front/Back Series...Imagine, stacked coffee cups...


Lie on your side with your elbow, shoulder, midback and buttocks aligned with the back edge of your mat.Think shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip.

Lift your top leg to hip height and turn it out ever so slightly from the hip. Inhale, pressing your navel deep into your spine.

Swing your leg to the front and pulse it twice (like two small kicks) as far forward as it will so without rocking forward in your hips or scrunching your waist.

To stabilize your shoulders, imagine balancing stacked coffee cups on your shoulder and do not rattle the cups as you go.

Exhale as you swing your leg back, reaching for the back corner of the room. Watch those cups.

Repeat 10 times

Photo by: nathan-dumlao-432134-unsplash.jpg

Tuesday Tip - Stay Hydrated

Next time you’re playing a game, hiking, working out or going for a walk, think about taking along vacuum-insulated water bottles.  


They can boost hydration by keeping water cold and refreshing up to 24 hours, and they’ll keep hot drinks hot for up to 5-6 hours.


According to the April Fitness Journal, the bottles work this magic by including two chambers: a water compartment and surrounding Vacuum-channel insulation. Meeting requirements for style, function and eco friendliness, these vacuum-insulated water bottles offer a fun, effective way to hydrate.

Photo Credit: izzy-gerosa-80667-unsplash.jpg