You’ve heard of FOMO…

(a.k.a. fear of missing out), but now everyone is talking about FOBO (fear of better options).

It’s a term coined by Patrick J. McGinnis, who is the host of the podcast FOMO Sapiens. The idea is that we often fall into the trap of researching every single option - like when you are looking for a hotel, or searching for a restaurant - to ensure you pick the best possible thing.

The problem? Experts say it can lead to paralysis, because the more options you have, the tougher it is to make a decision.

P/oP makes your decision making easy, all our classes are tailored to be a great fit for you workout goals.

Join our Group Reformer Classes: $25


Join Samantha every Monday evening at 6pm & 7pm & Wednesday at 6pm for a group reformer class. Text (213) 222-6199 to reserve a spot. 

Join Toni every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm for a group reformer class. Text (707) 416-6162 to reserve a spot. Email to rsvp.

Join Amelia every Thursday evenings at 6pm & 7pm for a group reformer class. Text (203) 627-6687 to reserve a spot .

What appeals to you for a Pilates Class workout...

Depends on a few things, consider how you like to work out, your schedule and your goals.  Whatever class type setting you choose for your experience, our studio promotes a physical and mental mind-body atmosphere conducive to concentration and focus.

Do you need the camaraderie or discipline of scheduled classes to keep you on track?

We recommend you try a group experience if working out with others helps you stay motivated and focused.

If so, a group reformer or group mat classes may be the best fit for you.

Group Mat Class

Group Mat Class

Just about every benefit the Pilates method has to offer can be achieved through mat work!

Group Reformer Class

Group Reformer Class

Join Samantha every Monday evening at 6pm & 7pm for a group reformer class. Text (626) 497-1280 to reserve a spot. 

Join Toni every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm for a group reformer class. Text (707) 416-6162 to reserve a spot. Email to rsvp.

Join Amelia every Thursday evenings at 6pm & 7pm for a group reformer class. Text (203) 627-6687 to reserve a spot .

Group Reformer Class: $25

Want an intensive, one-on-one Pilates experience customized to your individual goals or special needs?

Nothing beats our one-on-one private customized Pilates sessions.

Private one-on-one Session

Intro Offer: 3 private, 55-minute introductory sessions: $180

This set of 3 classes is an introduction to the art of Pilates and is open to first-time clients. Build core strength and learn the beginning moves you'll need to master this timeless exercise. Inquire on instructor availability.

P/oP certified instructors  work with clients of all ages and abilities including handicapped, athletes, young adults and seniors, through tailored exercises in both private and group classes.

Call (626)765-6500 or email us for additional information or to schedule an appointment with one of our wonderful instructors today!