Tuesday Tip

True Self-Care

Photo by  John Westrock  on  Unsplash

True self-care is so much more than an occasional bubble bath, manicure, or massage. While all of these things are fantastic, they are self-care lite.

Nicole Griffin says, "True self-care, in my mind, is not an appointment, but a way of life. When done right, it is a manifestation of self-respect and is deeply woven into the way we show up in the world.”

In Nicole’s blog, she challenges us to think creatively and beyond the every day routine.

True self-care is living your best life Get the shiny nails if that makes you happy, but also do the real work. What makes you feel most alive? Who brings out the best in you and mirrors your fullest potential? Who doesn’t (bye)? What things make you lose track of time? What types of play did you love as a child? Who inspires you and why? What are you good at?

What are you waiting for? To learn more go to http://nicolegriffinwellness.com

Nicole is a yoga teacher and holistic health coach in the DC area. She believes that health and self-care should be a priority and that experiences are more valuable than possessions.

Her adventures in life have been defined by a love of learning, an insatiable curiosity, and a willingness to explore the world and say yes to new experiences.

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