Yamuna Body Rolling is coming to P/oP

Our very own Pilates Instructor Abby Hanson

has recently been certified in Yamuna and will be teaching classes here at Pilates of Pasadena.  

What is Yamuna Body Rolling? 

  • YBR is a ball rolling therapy that combines the release of massage with the strengthening and toning of exercise, providing an effortless workout and a deep stretch. 

  • The balls apply traction that frees up connective tissue, reeducates muscles, stimulates bones, and leads to fully releasing negative holding patterns in the body.  

  • YBR heals deep body problems at the same time that help you get in shape.  In the traditional class format YBR uses balls to lengthen muscle, stimulate bone and open up joints for a healthier more sustainable happy body. 

If you have ever used a foam roller for self healing, think about how much more specific you can get with a ball!  The balls also offer a different density than the foam rollers and many people find them to be more effective for release technique.

Private lessons can also accomplish deep tissue release and can be personalized to target habitual body patterns.

Its fun and compliments the Pilates traditional program.

Please look for classes in June.  Private lessons will also be available.  

To find out more about Abby Hanson Click on Our Story or go to go to www.pilatesofpasadena.com/ourstory/