It’s time to rediscover the undeniable benefits of mat work!

Are you new to Pilates and want to compare equipment classes and mat classes?

Do you love equipment classes but wonder if you are neglecting your mat classes?

Are you an experienced Pilates student – and ready for a new challenge?

While the equipment is unique to Pilates, don't knock the mat! Just about every benefit the Pilates method has to offer can be achieved through mat work.

Such benefits include an improvement in:

  • Abdominal and glute strength

  • Upper body strength, flexibility and shoulder stability

  • Body symmetry and muscle tone

  • Spine mobility and bone strength

  • Posture

All mat exercises teach skills that translate and relate directly to the equipment exercises. While the principles of Pilates apply to both equipment and mat (core control, spine mobility, neutral spine, shoulder and pelvic stability etc.), learning these basics on the mat makes equipment work safer and more efficient.

Mat classes are Challenging. On the equipment, we use different spring tensions to provide both assistance or resistance, hence increasing or decreasing workout intensity. On the mat, your resistance comes solely from gravity and your own body weight. While modifications are available to lessen the intensity or accommodate injuries and conditions, the Mat challenges your strength and alignment and can speed up your progress.

Mat classes offer Variety to your Pilates practice. Many clients - who previously only worked out on the equipment - commented on how different a Mat workout is and how much it complemented their equipment practice.

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Sunday September 1, 2019 - 9:00 AM

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