Happy 2nd Anniversary P/oP!

Happy 2nd anniversary to our P/oP Family.

It has been another great year with so much to celebrate and be grateful.

We had to say farewell to Allison and Arden who both sadly moved away.

Goodbye and RIP to Fred whose spirit lives on in the studio, along will his Maxim magazines.

We welcome Frankie London Barnes, our youngest addition to the P/oP family. Hurry back Brittney.

We are pleased to have Pilates instructor Toni Maddocks join our group. Certified in the Balanced Body tradition, Toni brings this additional style to P/oP making P/oP the only studio offering a variety of Pilates methods.

P/oP (finally) welcomes massage therapist Nicole Barnes. I recently referred Nicole to a dear friend who was looking for a good therapist. After a few sessions with Nicole my friend sent me the following email:

"Just wanted to tell you that Nicole is STELLAR!  She really knows what she is doing.  Is professional and very knowledgeable about one’s anatomy and stroooong!  Just had my 5th massage and am really feeling the benefits. xoxoC "

And, thank you all for your votes for Pasadena Weekly’s annual “Best of” issue. We did it again! We won “BEST PILATES STUDIO for 2017“ for the second year in a row.

Thank you all again. You truly are the best.   -Maria