Don't Miss the Latest Event Downtown " Smorgasburg LA "

This is the latest event taking place downtown a Flea Market and Independent Food Stall Marketplace. I have two friends with daughters doing their start ups here. 

Chef Casey Felton and her partner  Armen Piskoulian own and run " Banh Oui " Both are classically trained and have cooked at some of the top restaurants in the LA area, including Providence, Red Medicine and The Tasting Kitchen. Apparently they were over run with orders last Sunday for hours on end.

This quote from an attendee :  " They initiated a new dish - Vietnamese chicken wings with a killer spicy sweet sauce.  It was sooo good.  That dish, along with their pork-belly banh mi sandwich, essentially grabbed all the orders coming in.  The place was a big hit. "


Hayley Dox is doing vintage. Her company is : Big Daddy's Antiques". 

I tried to make it last Sunday but ended up losing my flip-flops. Somehow I could 't see myself barefoot on the streets of downtown LA in ninety five  degree weather. YUK!

Next Sunday I will be first in line !!

I will report my findings....