You Cannot Ignore Your Feet in Pilates

This is my conclusion to previous blogs regarding strengthening of the feet.


Pilates is typically performed bare footed. In an hour’s workout, 50% percent of the time the feet are active and in contact with equipment. In the "footwork" portion of a Pilates workout, the feet are in constant motion as they work utilizing resistance from the body and facilitated by springs that are part of the apparatus. These exercises are performed in either plantar flexion or dorsiflexion positions. Simply put, the feet are either up on their toes or in a flexed position. In these varied positions, all of the muscles throughout the feet are being strengthened and stretched.

At Pilates of Pasadena we also incorporate additional exercise props such as Thera-Band, along with a wide variety of balance equipment, to our Pilates repertoire. 

Whether you are working on strengthening your feet or on balance. Pilates will do it!