Athleta Empowering Young Girls

I would like to forward this message from our friend Ashley Rodrigues.

Hey ladies!

I wanted to invite you all to a special event we have going on May 7th.  Athleta is working on a new campaign called "Power to the she" which will give the message of women empowerment. "At Athleta, we believe in the limitless potential of women and girls. And we believe that undermining one another is one of the key blocks to realizing that potential. Athleta will be the first brand to take on undermining – raising awareness while tackling a key cultural issue – and acting as a catalyst in the growing momentum of female support. Alone we are strong, united we thrive"

It will take place from 12-1pm here inside our shop and we will be partnering with Girls on the run. Girls on the run will be speaking about their empowerment message as they push young girls to learn key life lessons while building confidence and celebrating their accomplishments at the end of the season with a 5K. We will also be taking donations for GOTR during that week.

This will also tie in with our GIRLS line which will launch April 27th. With this 60 min event we want to bring the community together and tackle these issues. If you have any clients with young girls, teach younger girls or have a daughter yourself we ask that you invite them  

We will also be having refreshments and snacks and getting to know one another.

If you'd like to attend and want to invite anyone please let me know. We are hoping for a large turn out for this.

Thank you 

Ashley Rodrigues

Community and Events Lead/ Athleta 

T (626) 765-0183 

46 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105