The Artful Eye “Advanced Teaching Skills” By Constance Holder was a true glimpse into the skillful art form that is teaching pilates. Constance is as great as it gets when it comes to looking at a client and knowing where to go with a session. She emphasizes goal driven movement. It’s like meeting a body psychic. She reads posture, strength, and areas of concern and then designs a workout tailored to meet those needs and challenges you to exceed your own personal expectations. It was an honor to learn from a master and someone who deeply cares about her practice and profession. It was worth very minute and penny as a student in BASI training.I would also recommend any of the upcoming lectures for furthering your pilates profession. With deep respect and gratitude,
— Heather Andrews
Thank you arranging a fabulous weekend , wonderful to have the opportunity to attend events with presenters who have so much experience and knowledge. Loved the location and the number of participants ( hate large class sizes). Lovely atmosphere of sharing and supporting, Constance was amazing as always! So looking forward to joining you again.
— Karen


Pilates of Pasadena is pleased to offer Continuing Education classes, workshops and fundraising events for both instructors and clients. The following are  a preview of our upcoming Classes . If you'd like to keep up to date on current offerings, please sign up for our email updates.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mat Class presented by BASI Sr. Faculty Meredith Rogers

9am - 11am

(75 minute class with a Q & A) - $40

11:30am - 4:30pm Private sessions, $110 (SOLD OUT), 1 group class $40 

To register for this Mat class or the sessions, simply respond send us an email.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 20-12, 2018

Pre & Post Natal Certification Course – with Carolyne Anthony


Time TBD

Email us for registration info!

Sunday August 5, 2018

Mat Class with Sheri Long

75 Minute Class with Q & A

9am - 11am


Email us for registration info!