As a person who has never relished a regular exercise program, I’m amazed I’ve stuck with pilates for 10 years now. I credit my trainer Maria Jimenez. Her mastery of technique and variety keeps workouts interesting and her insights as a mature woman and mother of two little boys help me feel safe and focused. A good teacher like Maria has made all the difference for me. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to exercising.
— Jane Kaczmarek, Actress
Hi, Samantha

Just wanted to share some reflections on my Pilates experience so far.

Wow! After each lesson, I’ve had to take a nap. In fact, I’ve had to every afternoon since the first lesson. I think it’s kicking off detox. After the last lesson I had a huge veggie juice craving and drank a quart!

This morning I actually feel a bit better!

I wouldn’t be able to do this at all without your support and attention. Thank you so much.
— Debra
Maria is by far the most professional and knowledgeable trainer I have ever had. She is fully committed to her clients well being and sets a great example of consistent and steady fitness. She promotes and demonstrates life with balance. Above all, she is a person of kindness, integrity, and is fun to be around. What more could one ask for?
— Nan
It’s not just a workout - it’s fun! Maria’s classes are unique and tailored for your fitness level. That means you are never bored with your workout and remain motivated. I look forward to each pilates class and have been loyal to my three weekly workouts for over four years.
— Judy
Returning to pilates after having a baby, Maria helped me regain my pre-baby body and then some. Even when I am too tired to go, I know I will feel great at the end of each session, and I will have surely laughed about something along the way.
— Katie
I have thrown many challenges to Maria: a body weakened by chemo and radiation, sore muscles from weekly horseback riding, and a recent total hip replacement. She has helped me through them all!
— Joan
I have been working with Arden for several months now. Having been a dancer, Arden has some wonderful insight on Pilate exercise and great verbal cues which have really help me with proper execution and form. On top of that, she is very kind and patient. I cannot stress that about her enough. Before I came to see Arden, I was not into exercise that required much coordination or mindfulness to various part of the body. Arden is so understanding about this. She will gently remind me all the time about relaxing my shoulders, or keeping my knee straight and she is so kind about it. Finally, Arden is very responsive to what would help me outside our sessions. For example, when I told her I wanted to integrate more of these moves at home, we spent one session on a full-body mat workout that she designed for me. Now I feel confident using Pilates as part of my home routine. Overall, Arden is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher with very gentle energy. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Pilates with Maria is never routine or boring. I found that having core strength is particularly important especially if you have a desk job. What I appreciate is the wide variety of pilates equipment and exercises that Maria tailors to my particular needs. When I injured my knee, she worked around the injury to keep the rest of my body strong. I always look forward to my time in Maria’s studio.
— Linda
Pilates of Pasadena is spacious and inviting with wonderful equipment. The energy is always positive and uplifting. Maria has a wonderful presence as do all the instructors.

Brittany is simply a fantastic Pilates instructor. She has an engaging and vibrant personality, and is always kind and helpful. She really goes out of her way to make one feel welcome. She is also highly skilled and knowledgeable. She individualizes each session carefully for the needs of the body that day. One thing that makes her stand out is her joyful confidence. She is always a pleasure to be around.

If you have the opportunity, give Pilates of Pasadena a try. Your body will thank you.
— Sam A.