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We have a variety of special classes that you can book yourself online!

Hit the Mat Class!

Monday Mat Motivation at noon with Heather

An intermediate Pilates Mat class designed to challenge, strengthen, and lengthen the core, as well as help you bounce back from the weekend. Based on the traditional mat repertoire designed by Joseph Pilates.

Join Heather Grook for our new Monday Mat Motivation class and find fresh ways to challenge your mind and body.


Jump Class – Spring Into Action!

Tuesdays at noon with Toni

Jump boards and trampolines attached to reformers transform your Pilates workout into a jumping cardio workout. Jumping horizontally against the springs, rather than fighting gravity, provides low impact to joints while using your core to stabilize the body.

Get your heart rate going and get ready to move. This is a 40-minute class. $25.00

Movement 360 Class

Thursdays at noon with Charletha

Charletha utilizes small props, (i.e., small balls and 18” dowel sticks) for closed chain movements. This class is a combination of Pilates mat work and stretching, as well as an emphasis on joint articulation, fascia release and standing balance. The goal is to increase overall core strength, achieve better functional range of motion in joint structures, and maintain overall body movement and balance awareness.

A great class for everyone, especially older adults who wish to remain fit and maintain a full range of motion) $25.00

“ I see so many of us lose our balance as we age, any way to continue to improve our balance will ultimately prevent injuries  caused from falling “ —Maria

Happy Hour Class

Mondays 4:00 pm through April

Small group class limited to 3 or 4 people. This intimate beginner’s class is a great way to experience all that Pilates has to offer. Start with a mat warm up and move on to equipment.

For anyone who has been curious about Pilates, this is a great way to give it a try. This offer is only good through April.

5 classes – $150

Group Reformer Classes

Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 6 & 7pm

Unless otherwise stated, each class is $30 or $100 for 4 classes

The instructor will contact you after you reserve your spot for payment options.